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When it comes to card games one thing is for sure: that it doesn't take more than one player to be a winner. It is you competing against the odds that are displayed by dealing the cards on your own.

This goes for the offline version of playing cards since with the online version it is the computer that deals the cards for you. And from this moment on you are on your own trying to win the game that you have decided on playing. In this way you can spend pretty good hours by playing for instance, solitaire, the classic among the card games that can be played alone.

There are various versions of this game, but any of them can be played if you have a deck of cards. The simple version of Solitaire is probably known the most, especially that nowadays it comes preinstalled with many of personal computers. Apart from this, many young generations learn the classic offline alternative of solitaire from the older ones ensuring this game a timeless dimension.

This type of solitary card games is played with the rows of cards that you must reach to arrange them in suit starting from Ace and ending with King. It might seem simple enough, but the fact is that you depend a lot on how cards fall in their rows while dealing them.

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As to the other versions of solitaire, the differences are mainly based on the spread's layouts, since the rules about matching the suits basically remain the same with the classic format. There are however some of them that have special rules or might match the cards in a different manner.

One such version is known as FreeCell with all the cards being laid out in piles with their face up. On top of these piles, there are 4 empty cells where you are supposed to place the cards in suits from Ace to King. Many consider this version the hardest of all, but there is as well, Spider Solitaire version which presents three levels, with the difficult level being the most challenging of all. Sometimes this type of Solitaire card game is even impossible to end successfully.

This version of solitaire along with Free Cell can be found preinstalled on your computer and in this way you can always have available for your leisure hours. Playing on your own these card games is a perfect way of relaxing whenever you don't feel like going out or you are caught up with some things to do at home but need to take a small break and charge your batteries.

You will find these solitary card games very challenging and once you win, the feeling of being rewarded in a special way becomes more overwhelming.