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Having Fun with Two Player Card Games

Card games are a great way to have fun and entertain yourself with your family. When you want to play cards with your kid you can easily teach your kid one of the twp player card games available. There are in fact several of such games and along with them there is also the alternative of specialty deck card games. The classic version will include Cribbage, Bezique, Go Fish, Speed, Crazy Eights and Piquet. As to the other category of specialty deck card games you might include games as Phase Ten and Uno.

When you want the play Bezique for instance, or whichever of the other types, you should make sure first that you teach your kid the rules practicing with him in the initial phase and after learning the rules that let him manage on his own.

With Bezique you should have 4 sets of 32 cards and the most popular Bezique card game is known as Rubicon Bezique where each player gets 9 cards with the rest ones left becoming the stock. The purpose of the game is to make combinations that are scored differently. One game derived from Bezique is called Pinochle.

Cribbage is a two player card game that should be played with 52 cards, each player receiving 6 cards and the purpose being that of achieving a number of cards that rises up to 31. A similar game to Cribbage is Costly Colors. Go Fish is one of the most popular card games among kids. It is a very simple and easy to learn game where a player asks the other one for cards that he needs to combine and make points. If the interlocutor doesn't have the card he was asked of, then he must say "Go Fish".

If you want to play Uno you must have specially designed cards for this type of card game. They are printed with a symbolic image that indicates the move of the player once the card is placed in the game. In this game each player gets 7 cards with the player needing to play a card that fits the special indication of the card that is active. This special indication goes for reverse, wild, draw two and skip.

Two Player Card Games

For the Crazy Eights, another two player card game you will need a pack of 52 cards with each player getting 7 cards. The purpose of this game is to get rid of the cards once you find a match for the number of the card that has been previously discarded. Speed is another one that needs the 52 card pack with each player receiving 26 cards.

The purpose is to get rid of the cards as soon as possible. One should pay a great deal of attention in order to be able to get rid of the cards as fast as he can. The online alternative for two player card games is also available where you can choose an opponent to play against.